You have all probably heard of sugar daddies—older, rich guys who pay for the company and service of young, attractive girls.

On the other hand, those fun girls are called ‘sugar babies’. They trade their love and attention for money and everything that money can buy like clothes, cars, apartments or allowances for education.

Things function in this way: a young, beautiful girl goes out with an older, rich guy, they spend an amazing night out and after that, they head to his place for some sex. When everything is finished, he gives her some money to repay her for her service.

Some of you would think this is prostitution, right?

Well, you can believe whatever you want but the truth is that both of them feel great after that ‘job’. He is satisfied because he got an escort and sex. She is happy because she got everything she has ever dreamed about and all she had to do was spend some time with a guy who worships her.

A piece of cake, right?

At one stage of my life, I was a sugar baby and when my friends asked me why I am doing all that stuff I told them: “It is better to cry in a BMW, than on a bike!” Then, they realized it makes sense. If you want a good life without making any effort for all your needs, the best way is to find a sugar daddy to support you.

You know, I always had financial problems so I had to find a solution to my problems. Even if I was working 3 different jobs, that still wasn’t enough for my college tuition and rent for my apartment. After I heard of those dating sites for sugar babies, I decided to give it a shot.

I made a profile and put a very attractive photo of myself on the page. After that I went to bed thinking it won’t work. Because let’s be honest—nothing was working in my life at that time.

But in the morning when I opened my laptop, there was a surprise. Messages kept coming and coming. There were some guys who seemed very attractive even if they were twice as my age. When you have money, you can afford some cosmetic treatments and the result is a guy who looks 5 years younger. I was thinking what to do but in the end, I decided to meet one of those guys. He was very polite and offered to send a car to pick me up.

I never liked any heavy makeup so I just put on a little bit of mascara and lipstick to highlight my beauty. When you are young, you don’t need to put a lot of effort into your looks. When I came in front of a fancy club, I was very nervous and for one moment, I wanted to end that game. But something told me to stay and try.


People dancing in a nightclub


What is the worst thing that can happen?

So, I took a deep breath and entered the place. From the lobby, I could see the guy from the photos of the dating site. He was smiling at me, reaching out his hand to help me to climb the stairs. We were sitting in the VIP area and at first, I was overwhelmed by all that luxury and presence of people so different from who I was. But that lasted only for a short time.

After the first glass of the most expensive champagne, I shook the stress off and started having fun.

After a wild night in the club, we headed to his place. He was telling me how beautiful I am all the time. And after so much time, I felt special. I already knew that our date will include sex, but that wasn’t a problem for me.

The second we entered the room he started undressing me. I felt a little bit dizzy from all that champagne but at the same moment, I felt good. Really good. A rich guy was kissing my neck, telling me how hot I am. I felt the scent of his expensive perfume in the air and somehow it turned me on.

Then I paid attention to the white silk sheets covered with red roses. And all I wanted was to give myself to him. In that special place for me. So, I did. We spent a wonderful night together. He was very gentle and he didn’t want to do anything that could offend me.

I felt like in heaven. The next thing I heard was his alarm clock. His hands were all over me and his smell was on my skin. He got up and told me he had an important meeting to attend. Even if I was still hungover, I decided to take a shower and leave his home. When I stepped out from the shower to take my clothes, I found breakfast on the bed, with a note telling me I can stay there, enjoy myself, and afterwards I can go shopping with his private car.


Woman in lingerie sitting on bed


When I opened my purse, I found $1000. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. After all that shit in my life, there was finally a light of hope. At that moment, I felt like the happiest person on the planet.

We kept seeing each other for the next 8 months. And nothing was like in my ex-relationships. He told me I can do whatever I want with my life but it would mean the world to him if I can be there when he really needs me. And I accepted his rules. I wasn’t working anymore so I could dedicate myself to college. All that money that he gave me was enough to support the 6 members of my family so I didn’t have to worry about that.

I had my freedom and everything I had been dreaming of. On the other hand, he had a young, attractive girl to be his escort for business dinners. It was a win-win combination.

Until one night, when he came and told me he was married. I just stood there in a state of shock. Speechless. I thought he was only mine. But I was wrong. He had a wife and two kids. But I was something special to him. He tried to explain that he didn’t feel alive in that monotonous relationship anymore. And that’s why he needed a refreshment.

What is better than a good-looking, 20-something, college student?

When I thought about his situation, I decided to stay with him. He gave me everything I needed but I was aware of the fact that even if we were kissing like crazy, laughing loudly, holding our hands while we were sleeping, we never mistook that for love.

With him, I also got the benefit of escaping to a world where I could revel in the fantasy of having a boyfriend without the daily obligations of a standard relationship.

My life changed so much because I was dating him. He was a winner in all spheres of his life and I wanted to become one, too. He gave me all his support and money to achieve my goals.

Still today. He believes in me and never does anything that could make me feel bad. He is a friend, a lover, a mentor. It’s definitely not the ideal situation if a person is looking for marriage or to start a family, but it works for me.
For now.