Speak these 15 Magical Words & Change your Life

What is a chant? It’s simply a repetition of powerful words used to gain a desired result. Prayers fall in that category as well.

In short, words equal power.

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So take a deep breath and speak the following words aloud. Notice how they make you feel. Allow the power of the word to transform you at this very moment. Simply speaking a word can stimulate an emotion and have a ripple effect in your life. Give it a try!

  1. Clarity – A crisp, clean word that means brilliance, splendor and clearness of thought, action and atmosphere.
  1. Forever – Can any word capture time rolling forward eternally? Forever and ever tries.
  1. Epiphany – A brilliant thought that hits you suddenly, as if by magic. A lightning bolt of an idea.
  1. Exuberant – Pleasantly excited. Brimming over with stimulation and delight. Exuberance glows.
  1. Luxurious – Think chocolate mouse or a hot bath. Luxurious is rich, warm, enveloping and inviting.
  1. Fragile – Delicate, beautifully raw. Being fragile is not a bad thing but a sweet and vulnerable state where your true soul can be seen.
  1. Mellifluous – Sweet-sounding ear candy that transports you to another place and time. Think of a Mozart symphony or the distant sounds of a waterfall.
  1. Felicitous – This pretty word can mean a smart fit (“her nickname was particularly felicitous) or pleasing, blessed and fortunate.
  1. Jejune – This word means dull and childish but if you want to tell an annoying person that they’re acting so jejune, it will make you feel really good.
  1. Rhapsody – This intoxicating and magical word has several definitions but for our purposes, it means “rapturous delight or ecstasy.”
  1. Redolent – An intoxicating scent, one that lifts you off your feet and carries you away. Think of a roast cooking in the oven or a freshly-baked apple pie.
  1. Diaphanous – Gossamer-thin, fine and delicate. An angel’s wing is diaphanous.
  1. Elixir – A powerful potion that can heal and transport you, a good one is rumored to prolong life indefinitely.
  1. Cathartic – A profound purging from your system, complete repelling and expelling. A genuine catharsis can transform you permanently.
  1. Dulcet – Sweet to the taste or pleasing to the ear, dulcet is honey-like and pleasing. The dulcet tones of a lover’s voice in your ear.

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