3 Easy Ways to Hide Out Until You Can Deal with Life Again

Who says that making a hasty retreat is a bad thing? Think of the countless lives that were saved by simply getting the hell out of a situation. Or what about creatures like gophers, rabbits or deer? You think they hang around when times get tough? Noooo…they run!

So why do we two-legged humanoids feel compelled to “stick it out” when internally a voice screams, “Go!”? Here are 3 easy techniques to employ when you need to get the hell out of Dodge. (Figuratively or literally, like if you live in Dodge, Kansas for example.)

feel alone, from life

  1. There’s always a place to hide. Let’s say you’re at a party. The music is too loud, the people are annoying and the chips are stale. How will you make it through? Find a secret place and retreat. Maybe there’s a porch where you can breathe and gather yourself for a little. Just enough to recharge and deal again.

Sometimes we need a safe space in our own home. Where is yours? If you don’t have one, can you create one? (Just remember to turn off the phone and officially unplug for a bit for the full effect.)

  1. Take five. (Here comes the dreaded “m” word!) Meditation is a scary prospect for many of us. We all think there is some magic formula that only white bearded yogis and Sting truly understand. But there’s nothing to it. Literally, nothing. It’s just stilling your mind and bringing yourself into the moment. Be. Here. Now. If you take five minutes in the morning then you start your day with a fresh mind and a clean, unfettered spirit—one that’s better prepared to deal with life’s many stressors.
  1. Retreat royally. We all need to recharge, especially in today’s challenging times. Give yourself permission to hide out and treat yourself well while doing so. Call it a “party for self.” Find your favorite movie, make popcorn, grab your favorite blanket and go inward in style, baby!

We are sensitive people and often forget the very real need to withdraw, process, rest, daydream, escape. In a fast-paced world, it’s almost a must in order to stay healthy and sane. Treat your retreat well. You deserve it!

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